Reaching our human potential

Starting with how we are Being

Ashkan is on a mission to lift awareness, integrity and effectiveness in the world.

Through his experience as a parallel entrepreneur, investor, philosopher, technologist and leader, he discovered that we’re in a crisis that is not commonly spoken about.

Everyday, in every organisation around the world we are not near operating at our potential levels of effectiveness. We're causing mass wastage of effort and lost productivity. And it's not because of shortages of resources or a lack in skill or intelligence. It is because of who we individually and collectively are choosing to BE.

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Through his experience and deep study spanning more than a decade across a unique combination of areas including technology, business, leadership and philosophy, he formulated the first-ever ontological framework for how humans are ‘Being’ in the world, the Being Framework™.

The Being Framework™ comprehensively lays out the qualities that any human being can tap into to transform their levels of leadership, performance and effectiveness. Whether that be in your workplace, company or venture through to your relationships, finances or well being.

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The Being Framework™, along with its official measurement and assessment tool, the Being Profile®, is used by thousands of leaders, coaches and performance consultants worldwide. You can learn more about the Framework in his book BEING here.

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Along with his team at Engenesis, he is building a community and movement around this, supported by an ecosystem of products, services, tools and resources that also support this cause.

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We cannot be effective if we are not integrous human beings.

We cannot be effective if we are not integrous human beings.

Books by Ashkan



In his book, BEING, Ashkan walks you through these qualities, mapping out how and why each plays a critical role in an individual’s performance, effectiveness, influence and leadership. The book also explores the practical tools he designed: the Being Framework™, incorporating the Being Profile® assessment tool and Transformation Methodology™, which are used by professional coaches, executives and leaders throughout the world in their organisations and lives.


Together with his team at Engenesis, Ashkan is building an entire ecosystem of people, resources, products and tools that supports transformation in the world from an individual to organisational level.

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